ILRT Analytics

Fluxion Provides Advanced Analytics for Integrated Leakage Rate Tests

On-Site or Remote Real-Time Support


While Testing
Fluxion’s ILRT Analytics can

  • Verify the integrity of all incoming data. Individual sensor readings that adversely affect the test results are immediately identified.

  • Optimize the containment pressurization process to minimize the pressurization and stabilization times.

  • Independently verify all required testing acceptance criterion as the test proceeds.

  • Use advanced statistics to identify the difference between a real leak from containment and thermal instability.

  • Determine the optimum times for ending the Stabilization Phase and beginning Verification Test.

  • Provide advanced graphics to give test directors a complete picture of important test parameters.

Pretest, our experts can utilize our software tools pretest,

to analyze past ILRTs’ test data to:

  • Optimize the choice of volume fractions so to reduce stabilization times. 

  • Identify lessons learned to allow for correction of past issues and optimize the upcoming test.

  • Optimize the pressurization system to reduce rental costs and minimize pressurization time.

  • Calculate the optimum sequence of openings to safely minimize depressurization time.

Our level III ILRT engineers using these advanced software tools have over 30 years of ILRT experience.