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ILRT  Pressurization Optimization Package

Reduce Stabilization Time and Real Time Monitor Air Quality to Containment 

This rental package is an Add-On to the traditional ILRT pressurization system.

It is a custom fabricated spool piece that bolts in-between the

outside containment pressurization pipe inlet and the compressor 

system discharge. Also included is a control panel for data readouts.  

The system performs all of the below functions

Temperature Matching

Achieving the desired value of average containment temperature at the end of the pressurization is the single most important factor in reducing both Stabilization and Type A testing times.

Humidity Matching

Achieving the desired value of containment humidity at the end of pressurization will reduce the Stabilization and Type A testing times.


Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring

The amount of CO and NO2 present in the air being pumped into containment is continuously monitored during pressurization. 


Particulate Monitoring

It is possible for particulates to be contained in the incoming air stream from external or internal sources.


The system continuously monitors for the presence and amount particulates and tabulates them by size.


Oil Droplet Monitoring

The compressors used are designed to deliver 100% oil free air. In case of a malfunction in any one compressor oil droplets in the air stream may be immediately identified either in the pre-ILRT functional test or during the actual pressurization.

Air Delivery Rate Verification

Each air compressor is typically rated to deliver 1,600 cfm. When many compressors are tied together with hoses, after-coolers and driers the expected rated total capacity may not actually be achieved,This option allows for flow rate measurement during the functional test. This allows for any issues to be identified and resolved prior to the ILRT.

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