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ILRT and LLRT Seminars

On-Site as Well as On-Line Classes Available

On-Line or On-Site Group Seminars Now
Available Upon Request

ILRT Seminar Features

  • Rapid Monitored Pressurization to Minimize Stabilization Time

  • Techniques to Insure a Short Duration Type A Test

  • Techniques to Reduce Instrument Set-Up Time

  • Rapid Depressurization Methods and Case Studies

  • Reduction in Test Valve Line-Up by Not Venting and/or Draining

  • ILRT Simulations From Attendees Actual Past ILRTs

  • Simulations Showing How to Control Pressurization to Minimize Stabilization Time

  • How to Distinguish from Test Data Real Leakage from Instability

  • How to Identify a Bad Instruments Silently Corrupting Confidence Limits or Verification

  • Recent Advances in ILRT Instruments and Analytical Techniques


Local Leakage Rate Testing Seminar Feature

Testing Reduction Evaluations on Your Plant’s Systems

Testing reductions may often be found in many plant’s LLRT programs. Attendees will be asked to transmit information to us on likelycandidate pathways in their program prior to the seminar. These will be step by step evaluated as a part of this seminar.

LLRT Equipment & Hands-On Testing of Type B and C Pathways

This seminar will include hands-on local leakage rate testing using

industry standard equipment. Attendees may even bring their

own equipment for use and demonstration if they like.

(Not possible for on-line class).

  • Detailed Examples How to Eliminate Some Type B and C Tests From Program

  • Methodologies and Case Studies For Test Interval Extensions

  • Criterion and Examples of Determining When As-Found Testing is Required

  • How to Simplify and Reduce Venting and Draining Prior to Testing

  • Alternative As-Found and As-Left Testing Methods

Instructor: Jim Glover

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​For 19 years, Mr. Glover worked for Exelon as the ILRT and LLRT Appendix J Program Director. During that time, he performed over 80 ILRTs on both BWRs and PWRs. Since then he has performed an additional 30 ILRTs as a private consultant with Graftel, LLC.

Mr. Glover is currently the Chairman of the ANS 56.8 Standards Committee on containment leakage rate testing. He was a member of the NEI AHAC that wrote the original Appendix J guideline document NEI-9401.

He also developed, manufactured and sold the ILRT and LLRT instrumentation systems which are currently and have been used at most US nuclear plants since 1994.

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