These Courses Will Address the Below Topics

  ILRT Seminar

  • The Concept and Current State of Primary Containment

  • Technical and Regulatory Basis for ILRT

  • Pretest Preparations and Test Procedure

  • Resources Required and Time Line for Test Preparations

  • Instrumentation and Software

  • Test Set-Up

  • Air Compressor System Rental and Set-Up

  • Pressurization

  • Stabilization

  • Type A Test

  • Verification Test

  • Depressurization

  • Test Report and Records

   LLRT Seminar

  • The Concept of Primary Containment

  • Technical and Regulatory Basis for LLRT

  • The Definition and Requirements for Appendix J Pathways

  • The LLRT Program

  • As Found and As Left Testing, Definition of Repairs and Adjustments

  • Test Intervals, Extensions and Grace Periods

  • LLRT Technical Basis and Methodologies

  • Instrumentation and Software

  • Type C Testing Case Studies

  • Type B Testing Case Studies

  • LLRT Special Cases and Alternative Methods

  • Test Report and Records

Complete technical and regulatory references will be provided on all aspects of ILRT and LLRT

Each seminar is an intense  2-day course.


ILRT - Integrated Leakage Rate Testing 


LLRT -Local Leakage Rate Testing


Next Classes June 2021

On-Site Classes Available Anytime Upon Request

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Some Key Cost Saving Features

  ILRT Seminar

  • Reduction in Test Valve Line-Up by Not Venting and/or Draining

  • Techniques to Insure a Short Duration Test

  • Techniques to Reduce Instrument Set-Up Time

  • Rapid Depressurization Methods and Case Studies

   LLRT Seminar

  Methodologies and case studies for test interval extension

• Criterion and examples of determining when As Found

    testing is required

• Techniques for eliminating non-Appendix J pathways from

    the testing program

• Methods to reduce Type B and C testing time

• Case studies, operating experience

• Lessons learned

ILRT Seminar Features:

  • ILRT Simulations from Actual Past ILRTs

  • Simulations Showing How to Control Pressurization to Minimize
    Stabilization Time

  • How to Distinguish from Test Data Real Leakage from Instability

  • How to Identify a Bad Instrument That is Silently Corrupting Confidence Limits or Verification

  • Recent Advances in ILRT Instruments and Analytical Techniques

  • Site Specific Analysis of Past ILRTs Requested by Attendees

ILRT Lessons Learned:

  • A Discussion of Discovered ILRT Leakage from the Last 20 Years Will be Presented

  • The Most Likely Paces to Look and the Best Methods of Discovery are Discussed

  • Lessons Learned from Industry-Wide Recent Testing is Presented

Speaker: Jim Glover

​For 19 years, Mr. Glover worked for Exelon as the ILRT and LLRT Appendix J Program Director. During that time, he performed over 100 ILRTs on both BWRs and PWRs. Since then he has performed an additional 40 ILRTs as a private consultant.

Mr. Glover is currently the Chairman of the ANS 56.8 Standards Committee on containment leakage rate testing. He was a member of the NEI AHAC that wrote the original Appendix J guideline document NEI-9401.

He also developed and sold the ILRT and LLRT instrumentation systems which are currently and has been used at most US nuclear plants since 1994.